16th October 2011 Special surprise sitting Mysterious Circle


Wow what an evening for the 16th October 2011, the mysterious circle was not expecting this at all, Sylvia decided to sit downstairs in the lounge near the seance room and work with the spirit and ET who guided her where to go, she put  2 cameras on record, camera 2 had a lot of positive results in fact this camera did something it should not be able to do yet the spirit team did this, some how got the visual close up and far away constant fast whilst filming and yet when the medium checked the screen before hand this was not happening at all yet it came out this way, so what you will find in the images for camera 2 is close up and distant images of the special sitting, the mediums body was used completely for this sitting, she had the camera positioned just for the curtain and nothing else yet the spirit team had there own ideas on what they wanted people to see close up and distant of the medium and what is happening, the medium had no choice. the video camera yet has to be checked, take a look below at what has occurred so far in the images below the still shots from the saved recordings.
Video Camera images;
Camera 2 images:


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