19th October 2011 beyond physicalmediumship in light sitting Mysterious Circle


It is the evening of 19th October 2011 and the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship in light, it has been another positive sitting, 2 camera filming the live sitting, phenomena, transfiguration and ET appear, there was no communication coming in through the medium, yet it has been a calm relaxing sitting, take a look below at the images from the saved recordings, those who have not seen the sitting will get a chance to see this soon. It has not been an easy time for the medium these past few weeks, as rest has been a need, now she is back on top, things are progressing nicely again, today has been a nice day, full of surprises, and it is nice to be able to share with you the sittings.
video Camera images:
Camera 2 Images:


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