19th October 2011 Meditation sitting Mysterious Circle


19th October 2011, it is the morning and Sylvia has time to herself for a few hours to meditate, during this time the medium is prompted by her spirit team to sit differently in the lounge, she was told to put the small table in front of the TV and sit with her back to it, she was told to place the live cam behind the chair she usually sits on, and the lap top on the chair, automatically doubt entered her head as she felt any sceptic that see her sit in front of the television even though the television is switched off, they will automatically point out reflections from the TV screen, she was not aware on the full scale what the spirit team had in store till she played back the saved recording and seen what was going on,what she was not expecting was this, as she was sat, her whole body became a white intense light the room is normal no in tense light, her face transfigures, her reflection in the TV as you would call it, is wearing dark clothes yet her clothes she is wearing is very light grey bottoms and very light turquoise blue top, the colours of clothes in TV are black.At times the reflection as you would call it of the medium and things in the room that appear in the TV can be seen yet what happens next will grab your imagination, what is seen in the TV including the medium, the camera, settee etc. start to appear out of the TV, this is a whole phenomena in itself that is impossible, those who may not be able to believe how this can happen will have to see it for them self, you will have to watch the saved sitting, a sceptic may think of answers to how this can happen, our answer is, do some tests yourself in to what you think a answer is and see if it happens, when something can not be brought in to an easy explanation to how something can occur you know there is a phenomena occurance that man on earth has yet to discover more in understanding and finding the key to unlock the mystery within it, the medium has sat for a long time and knows what has been happening in the sittings is not easy, those who work with her from other life forms of existence are those who bring this wonderful phenomena, and there achievement's are special.Take a look below at some of the images and also look at the saved sitting clip below. the camera  has no zoom facility yet the camera appears to be zooming in and out very fast,and the camera gets moved at angles.
Saved Sitting:
images Camera 2:
the images you see below are only some images still shot from the saved recording, the speed the phenomena occurs makes it difficult to still shot what you see in the live saved recording.


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