20th October 2011 mysterious Circle beyond physicalmediumship in light


it is the evening of 20th October 2011 and the mysterious circle sit again for live cam broadcast in private with a guest sitter, it has been a evening of surprises for the medium, whilst sat she was very much in a deep state of trance where her awareness was taken to another level, whilst the sitting took place she was not aware of what was happening until she played back the saved sitting recording to see what was going on, phenomena and transfiguration was very strong and clear to see  so in this are plenty of images of remarkable works coming in from the spirit team, ET and other life forms of existence, Chris has not sat with Sylvia for a number of weeks now, only because the spirit team want to focus entirely on the sittings with the medium alone until they decide they want Chris back in the room. Take a look below at the images posted up so far, still more pictures to add.
Video camera images:
Live camera 2 Images:


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