21st October 2011 Mysterious Circle Meditation Sitting


It is the last meditation sitting for morning unless Sylvia gets a lucky break during the school holidays then maybe she could do something in the daytime, until then the next one will be after the holidays, the evening sittings will still go ahead as normal. the weather has been a rainy one so Sylvia sat in doors in the lounge where her spirit team have told her to meditate, the impossible can become a reality, it is how you look on things in life to wish to see or not see that is there all around you.this morning Sylvia sat, she kept wide awake yet allowed the spirit to appear through her and the amazing thing is about the work they are doing and the ET  can not be easily explained, to see something away from a live camera you would have to see it face to face, but then, would you as a person still doubt?
it has been said to Sylvia by the spirit team, that 2012 will be an important time for her, as many opportunities and especially palladium's will be an area she could be going in to to share to the public what comes out of her and vortex that appears in the light is real, and all what you see now is the big achievement the spirit team and et have mastered so far, once they get everything in place as more is to come yet this is minor compared to the rest, there will be no sceptic on earth that will be able to be sceptic to what is coming in the future, there will be no avenue anyone will be able to deny, so the work continues on until then, and once the announcement is made public and is in full bloom to take those from other worlds in universe to any place to be see and heard, that will be a special time no one will ever forget, take a look below at what has happened in the lounge today.


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