21st October 2011 Mysterious Circle Special Healing & Spirit Surgery Sitting Live Cam Broadcast


it is the evening of the 21st October 2011 the mysterious circle sit for a special healing and spirit surgery evening, the spirit team requested for this occasion for Chris to be the patient for this evening as a one off sitting as they feel it is important to help him at this time with some health issues he has, and they want to put there good use in helping him at this time, whilst the sitting took place and 2 camera are3 filming and recording, on line viewers who are watching the live cam broadcast of the healing taking place this is what happens. Chris gets asked by spirit doctor Jones to sit facing the camera then is asked to change position during the healing process, Chris got examined by doctor Jones then the healing process and some surgery takes place, you would need to see the full saved live recording that other on line viewers actually seen happen live at time of viewing so you get a better understanding what is going on, Chris back, stomach and head and other area's of body was worked on, it took a lot out of the medium what took place as you will see why when you look at the still images below, camera 2 is the live camera on line viewers was witnessing the full sitting from, the video camera was also recording from back of room, you will see more what went on in the video camera also, it took a lot of work from the spirit surgeon and others to work on chris, he at this time has felt the full blast of the healing and is out cold sleeping, more healing will be given to him whilst he sleeps, more images will be added, take a look below what has happened so far.
Camera 2 Images:
Video Camera Images:


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