22nd October 2011 Special Healing for Charles


It is Saturday 22nd October 2011 a day that the mysterious Circle does not usually sit, as for this day it has been a great concern for Charles who at this time is going through an illness, so Sylvia felt a great need to do something that has never been done before, was to work with the spirit healing team and open up the vortex and work with Charles picture and send him healing in a very powerful and special way, all sittings that are completed are saved for future to show what has happened and when and if for a person, the results from the person receiving a healing can then say what they have or have not experienced, Charles will need to rest at this time, so mysterious circle wait to hear from him what he may or may not of experienced from this healing, the circle will keep you posted at this special time, take a look below at the pictures from the live sitting.This type of healing worked in the beyond physicalmediumship in light does take a lot of work with the spirit team, ET and the vortex, some people may think it is easy to do this, it is not, the vortex is part of the medium, it is very sensitive. will post up pictures from video camera tomorrow.
Camera 2 Images:
Video Camera Images:


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