24th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Healing Sitting


It is the 24th October 2011 and it is healing night, Sylvia sits specially for many who are suffering in the world at this time, she read out the healing list before sitting, she only had 1 live camera on tonight, it has been a positive sitting,plenty of healing light has been given out through the vortex and has been sent out to all people on the healing list and across the world to people who are in crisis and especially turkey who have suffered an earth quake. It is important those in this world on earth, treat each other with the up most respect and kindness and be a bit more helpful to one another, as times are hard enough in the world, much conflict does mother earth no good and nor yourselves, treat each other how you would like to be treated in return, and value each others opinions not to become bitter or hateful, but to find love in your heart, those from the highest sources of creation and those who watch over you, have there best interests at heart for you, not to see you plummet in to a dark abyss but a great light of awakening the great happiness and peace you all as individuals deserve in your lives, peace be with you all on earth as it is the greatest need, stop the violence and the hatred and make changes to become a better person and rewards will finally come to you in the end, take a look below at the images from the healing sitting this evening.


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