26th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Special Healing Sitting For Fokko


Today is the 26th October 2011, it has been a day of surprises all-round, until a message was received by a friend who had concerns for a person named Fokko who is going through a very bad time with health,and is in great need of healing, the circle was not sure if this sitting was going to go ahead this night, however it has, it took a lot out of Sylvia the sitting yet it has been a positive one, lots of healing has been put out to Fokko through the vortex, the spirit healers and doctors have worked hard tonight showing there sincereness to help Fokko, there has been a mixture of spirit and ET work and it has all appeared  on both camera's take a look below at the images below of tonight's sitting, Fokko will still be worked on at this time, let's hope he gets well soon.
Video camera images:
Camera 2 Images:


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