28th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Meditation sitting


It is the 28th October 2011 and the mysterious circle sit for meditation, during the sitting the medium Sylvia put a the four seasons of natural sound in the player and it was on low, the amazing thing happened before Sylvia got in to deep meditation state, with in the cabinet at the far end away from the music player a bird voice is heard very close to the mediums ear which was not from the music player, it felt very alive with many other natural sounds from nature coming in the cabinet, a 3D atmosphere of surrounding sound within the cabinet, and there is no surround sound in the seance room only a very cheap small CD player. a Sceptic would have other views on this, which it is good to keep an open mind, as the sitting began, things changed the mediums awareness goes, and upon return later on, this is what is found on the video camera, take a look at the special ET that came in the sitting transmitting them self and colour in to the cabinet.
Camera 2 Images:
Video Camera Images:


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