29th October 2011 mysterious Circle Very special healing sitting For tom & Bill


It is the 29th October 2011 a Saturday, the mysterious circle do not sit on a Saturday, however the day turned out unpredictable, tom came to visit and Bill to, both are going through different things involving health, Sylvia  was not planning anything for a healing sitting, yet the inspiration from the spirit team prompted her to sit, Kevin and bill sat at separate times, as healing is a private time for any one receiving healing, both tom and bill had no idea what they was going in to on a healing, yet came out amazed, most of the night became a special time, bill said he felt an energy moving around him not touching him yet felt things happening to him, when he was touched he felt that, he said he never ever experienced a healing like this in his life, he felt a lot better in himself afterwards, bill will have to let you know exactly what his full experience was he did say he thought the medium had stopped breathing whilst she was sat back in the chair..... Tom said he felt and heard things going on during the healing he was amazed how it was happening, he to said he has never experienced a healing in this way before, he enjoyed the healing and the communication with the spirit, both camera's filmed and on the video camera bill  and tom had et coming in around them, and the colors was being shown of where the healing was needed for both of them, tom would be better explaining exactly what he experienced in the healing, it has been a positive sitting, take a look below at the images what happened to ton and bill.
Camera images of Tom's Healing:
Camera Images Of Bill's Healing:


  1. Hallo Sylvia . Unbelievable . this healing session of Tom and Bill . realy out of this world . This . first class mediumship. on the 29th of October 2011

    . This it truly My testimony . As a Internet viewer It is truly . the cream of the crop . In mediumship. in the Light . for the whole world to see . If they are willing to open their eys . Art . from Holland


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