30th October 2011 mysterious circle meditation sitting


it is the 30th October 2011 sylvia sits alone meditating in the new seance room, preparing for the Halloween, the vortex was put in to action during the meditation sitting, camera 2 and video camera picked up phenomena, ET and the spirit during the short time she sat. due to having a headache before sitting, the medium found herself waking feeling refreshed and the headache lifted. Not alot can be written about the meditation sitting, the pictures below, you can see what happened, the medium some how ends up going down in the chair, the arms that work from the vortex appear, and the faces come in during the time this goes on, the ET bring in the colour and transmit whilst the medium is sat meditating, what you will see of the ET in the video camera especially is the clearer visual of the appearance they are. The medium played back the origional speed of the video camera which is the ET speed which is about 5 to 10 times faster than ours, it plays in the exact same length as the camera 2, however when the speed is put in our normal speed for play, it is longer in viewing round about 6 hours longer to watch and in the same format, nothing added or taken out left as is, so to the speed, the ET work even though everything in the universe has its slowness and mid and fast and super fast etc., things may appear as though they are not in sync or time, yet they still are, if every single thing in the universe went at the same speed you would not miss anything, nor miss each other, you would easily know it is there, because everything has its levels of speed or slowness, the vibrations become different on the awareness level. take a look at the images below from the saved sitting.
Camera 2 Images:
Video Camera Images:


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