3rd october 2011 mysterious circle Live cam broadcast Healing sitting


It is the evening of 3rd October, healing night, Sylvia the medium, was feeling low, at one point making decisions to either go live and sit via cm to viewers or cancel, at one point cancellation came in then change of mind, she was prompted to sit no matter how sad a day has been to continue, Chris did not sit with her he had other plans. she filmed with 2 camera's, video camera and live cam.As the broadcast began she spoke of the healing and also of the sitting once settled began the sitting till in deep trance state. when the sitting was over, she said her thank you to all viewers and made them aware that she would check the recorded sitting and post up the images and play back the saved recordings to those who want to see it again, what she did not know was, full direct voice comes in clear as a bell speaking over her in the sitting, a man speaks as though talking to some one like a advert then it changes, congregations of people and ET can be heard and there own busy place, it takes over the sitting you can hardly hear the medium at all. at the very beginning of the sitting you can hear like a forest of nature as though in the night and crickets sound, this is a sitting that shall not be forgotton, take a look at camera 2 images below of healing, will add video camera images next.
Audio of the spirit and ET congregation speaking direct voice:

Camera 2 images from live Cam broadcast:
Video Camera Images:


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