3rd october 2011 mysterious circle meditation sitting


it has been a morning of surprises, ET visit, and during meditation more surprise's, it has been a mixed morning of positive and negative combined yet it still keeps on progressing as it should, when anyone is new to something, sometimes there minds can waffle on wondering what it is all about, sometimes accepting or not accepting is to there own individual self to make there own decision in what they believe or disbelieve. Science, astrologers and more for many years have been looking for the truth, answers on life on other planets, death does it continue and so forth, sceptics have there own full on opinion to speculate there way of seeing things to science, when something goes beyond science etc., and there is no explanation, the question marks start coming in, what is this, who are you, etc.. You either want to see something or you do not, choice is yours, the world has many unknown discoveries still being discovered and as yet of these sittings that have been going on for some time now, the proof will be shown that those evidential communications and appearances that have come through, will be accepted and denial will become a thing of the past, we have on earth 3D 4D the eyes can adjust to seeing another dimension if it wants to, one day you will see those who walk amongst you everyday, appear and that will bring the truth of how the other worlds, dimensions, spirit, et etc. have been here all along, yet you chose to lock off from them and live a material life, the brain works more for material yet the other part if switched on has many capabilities to see further than you realise. below are some images of the meditation sitting, the sitting was interrupted, here is what can be shared below.


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