5th october 2011 live cam broadcast beyond physicalmediumship in light mysterious circle


it is the 5th October 2011 the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship, Chris did not sit with Sylvia he had other plans his own circle which disrupted the sitting half way through, got closed as it affected the medium on sudden loud noise from old seance room. It has been other wise a positive sitting, there was not a lot the medium can say what happened yet she has to play back the sitting to find out.Take a look below at images from the saved recordings, still more images to add from video camera also.in a picture below for camera 2 a cat appears in the arms of medium, it's head ears and tale clearly seen.
video camera images:
camera 2 images live webcam:
cat appears in the mediums arms you can see the cats tale and cats head and ears


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