Halloween Special Monday 31st October 2011 Live Cam Broadcast On Line World Wide


Halloween Special 31st October 2011
Halloween will soon be here and mysterious 
circle is looking forward to this day to sit live 
for public, this will be No magician's trick's, No 
illusion's, No effects etc. This will happen how
 you will see it with your own two eye's face 
on.The Medium will not be dressed up in a 
costume, there will be no props, what occurs 
during the sitting will be brought to you by 
those on the other side of the universe and 
from spirit and other life forms of existence.
The start time for the live Sitting and the link 
to view the live on line broadcast as live will 
be added on the site nearer the date, watch 
this site for up dates.
face book Event Guest list link here, Add yourself on if you wish to attend


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