MYsterioUS Circle Message of ET and Spirit Existing, Believe or not? 1st October 2011


the picture your looking at above is a real ET another life form from another planet, there are many species of ET what you would know as Alien. These are Real, they are not created by software, they are not effects, they are not of Human earth Race. These are special Highly evolved ET that have advanced communications and technology far beyond man on earth. Many people on Earth will have an opinion on what they believe or dis believe when it comes to other life existing in the universe. These ET exist. Sylvia has met these ET all through her life and before she came to earth to live amongst the human race. The ET are making regular contact with Sylvia when she sits in her Mysterious Circle, the ET transmit them self and communications to her, some times they appear face to face to be seen by the human eye when they know it is safe to do so, as military appear in the area when the ET are about, so it is important the ET appear to sylvia to keep her positive and help her and prepare her for things they warn her of around planet earth.
People on earth whho have been witnessing vast amounts of sightings of UFO, in the real sense, are seeing the ships coming in, these ET are in numbers vastly, they are not the GREYS you all believed to be greys for many years, the ET that are of many species all have a different look appearance to each other and man on earth, there capabilities are far greater than you will ever realise in what they can do.
there are people on earth who do not believe in ET nor Spirit, well those who disbelieve will be in shock sooner than they realise when these ET meet unexpectedly to them face to face where they will have no choice to accept and believe they are real and not a made up thing. they have feelings and emotions of many kinds and can Tap into mans DNA and know many things about you, more than you will ever know.
They know  your thoughts, and they pick up on things fast.
Some ET can look scary, and you could to look scary to them to because your different in looks to each other, there language is different however they can adjust to other languages if they want to. They share the same universe, yet there life is on other planets and galaxies some are far beyond your reach yet they can reach us, there are ET who can become like us in appearance and blend in, one day you will discover them. As for now, you are your own person caught up in material life, that is all you see because you closed off your mind to what is real around you that you struggle to see now, one day that mind will open, and you will see them all and you will not be able to deny they exist, because they do. The mysterious circle is a massive universal vortex that is working all the time with spirit people, ET and other life forms of existence, no one on earth has the capabilities that the ET have to do what they do of the impossible, soon science and other important people in the world of earth will get a wake up call from the ET them self and afterlife, that it here and always has been before there eye's, they just did not allow them self to want to see. The MYsterioUS Circle is allowing public to see via live cam broadcast, the ET are here, spirit to, and they do exist.
MYsterioUS Circle


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