What is More Important in This World, FAME & FORTUNE or PEOPLE'S LIVES? from mysterious circle 13th October 2011


What is more important to you in the world right now? what do you really care about more? Would you prefer to have all the material, power,status, glory, rich life, in other words the full package? many every day do want it all, yet how often do people think about this more what your about to see below...  the picture is not mysterious circles it has been passed around face book, however the words written below the picture are from the mysterious circle, who ever owns the picture, copyright is to that person, we felt a need to share this to show just how corrupt the world is going, in what can easily be forgotten and what is more in peoples minds to want to gain.
Many in the world go sadly forgotten, those who have a label a stutus fame fortune or wealth seem to always get remembered and talked about whether they are alive or dead, those who have nothing and even poor tend to have no history of remembrance granted to them, the world is corrupt in how those in power have it all mapped out for them to have there name put on stone or memorial plaque to always be seen as a star, life is very selfish, those who have got it all want it all forever and those who have nothing will always get treated badly by those who think they are better than anyone else and think they deserve all they can get, the world should be a place to enjoy and people look out for each other and help each other and treat everything with respect and dignity, i find it apalling how those who go hungry have nothing, get ignored and treated as the lowest of the low and they get hardly any help, yet those who are rich and have everything not all rich want to help some one who suffer's, all different life styles of people show good or bad to another person it is not all about money, the problems are within each individual, you either want to do good or not for some one, charities can not always be trusted, you can give money to them to help the poorer countries, yet is the money really getting to those countries? all of it or some? No one in this world should have to suffer, and those who have a better life should be grateful as there are always those worse off. it would be nice if people could put there thoughts more on those worse off and share a thought in them, as one day it could easily be you with nothing and you may want help yourself from some one, treat those how you want to be treated, and before you give out any awful remarks or anger to another person, stop and think before you do it, is it worth becoming in a split second a awful person to another? it is better to walk away then allow yourself to get in to anything wrong and regret it afterwards.
some people may think as an easy answer birth control to prevent population growth so no one else has to fund in helping those who are poor. Some people will also say it is not there problem, why should they get involved with helping some one else. Some people would say they deserve power, gain, riches, high paid job because they earn t it and worked there way up. the list go's on.
we all as people are responsible for our own actions and what we say do or think to others. how you put yourself out says a lot about you. we all deserve something good in our live's yet those who are worse off do not deserve to have there life made to feel worse than it already is by those who constantly want to blame those worse off or make there life a misery and selfishly rub there nose in it and in the process bragging on what you have that they do not have and walk away with all what you have and see those worse off crumble, that do's not say anything good about you to be able to see some one tumble down and be on deaths door.
suffering is all around the world in many ways.
You should not feel guilty having it all? and if you are a good person to do your part in helping some one, the time you feel guilty is when you know you did nothing for no one at all?
food for thought, You only get What you give.
Think before you walk away.There may be a time you end up with nothing, what would you want to happen if you had nothing? keep that in mind, you never know when you may need some one in desperate times.
being rich and famous may have it's rewards, what reward's are there for the poor?
the biggest crime is ignorance when you turn a blind eye to things you know is happening that is wrong happening around you, and you do not get involved to do anything about helping.
there are some people who may see some one getting hurt badly and know it is happening, some walk away leaving the person to still suffer by another person's hand's, should that person of helped, if not by there own means directly, seek help alerting another to help? or if the person doe's not help should the person feel guilt if something tragic happened and then the words end up creating in the person's mind "If I helped the person or tried getting help to them, that person would still be here now alive" it should not have to get to that.


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