10th November 2011 Mysterious Circle 2nd Experiment Sitting through Television


Today is a new day, the morning of 10th November 2011, whilst Sylvia has free time for a few hours to herself, she sits for meditation and combines the sitting with healing as well as sitting within TV. Distant Healing has been sent out to Tom however this evening the healing will take place for Tom in the seance room, a big focused sitting for him. Now this morning sitting with the Television whilst it is switched on and in the background the wizard of oz film is playing, Sylvia sits with here spirit & ET team. She does not know when she will be doing another sitting again in this way, however this will be the last one for now until she is instructed to sit this way again, now sitting with anything electrical is risky, and Sylvia has to be careful with electric, she has been known through out her life to power off any electric without touching it, any how whilst she sat today she asked the spirit team & ET to help tom and also do the impossible, the spirit team wanted her to sit in front of the TV to show what can happen further with her body and what can appear and disappear. and even though sceptic people can look at everything in how something could be done in there opinion, they would have a job explaining how a human being can be partly here out of the television, and partly in the television whilst it is switched on. 2 camera filmed and all appear on the recordings, Sylvia goes through changes with in face transfiguration, and not only do her arms and hands disappear in to the television so does parts of her head, take a look below at what happened this morning. sceptics can use words distortion, effects, tricks, software, edit, if a sceptic believes this is easy, then sit with your own camera  and see what happens.


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