10th november 2011 mysterious Circle Special distant Healing For tom


it is the evening of 10th November 2011, and as promised Sylvia sat for the healing session for Tom. she focused on the Spirit healers, spirit doctors and Spirit Surgeons, to help Tom with his health, the vortex was opened up during the sitting, and even though tom is not in the room with the medium, the healing is sent out to him, tom is aware of this sitting taking place and the time, only he can verify the results if he did or did not experience anything happen. The Medium did not bring through many faces only a couple of the healers, most of the sitting was based on working the vortex and healing to tom as this was very important, and due to the medium sitting 2 days in a row through television, it has taken a lot out of her, she may need to take things easy over the weekend, Saturday is her day off. when the vortex appears it spins fast, sometimes it is hard to see as its natural form is transparent, yet it can appear in any colour/colours combined, the vortex can do many things besides healing. Take a look below at some of the images from the sitting live cam, only one camera was in use this evening camera 2.
Camera 2 images


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