12th November 2011 Unexpected Spirit Healing for Russel Mysterious Circle sitting


It is Saturday 12th November 2011, and Sylvia had just finished sitting in the portany circle, which is Chris physicalmediumship night, Sylvia rarely sits for anyone on a Saturday, but out of the blue unexpectedly, a Sitter named Russell was experiencing pain that he has had trouble with for quiet some time, and another medium who was sitting with tom in another location far away picked up his pain whilst tom and other medium was sending energy to the portany circle, before Sylvia sat with the portany circle she too was having pain that was in one area from inner back towards shoulder then out her arm, she put it down to at the time just a pulled muscle was not aware it could been a sign she may be needed to help some one else who is going through pain. She was thinking to herself how late it was and would Russell like a healing before he went home, she asked him had he ever had a healing before from anyone, he said no.... So it meant Sylvia had to explain that there are many different types of healers and healing, yet the type of healing she gives is not the same as the healing people know of today, and it is taking time for people to understand as it is very new to them. any how Sylvia explained briefly to Russel what will happen and not to be afraid. The healing took place, and all in which the spirit healers advised him he understood, take a look below at the healing Russell experienced.only 1 camera filmed and recorded the Healing.Before Russell Went home he looked at the saved recording and the portany circle and Russell friend? and they all could see what went on, when Russell had his back to the medium, he obviously could not see what was going on behind him.The vortex opens and the spirit healers work there wonder including Kutumbu & Dr Jones, Tommy also spoke, some people think when Tommy gives his name, they say it sounds like Tammy. And I forgot to mention, when the healing was over and the guests was heading off home, Sylvia was very sick vomiting, and her arms was feeling weak, the reason for this, she was feeling the after results of the healing that took place, all what Russell had causing him pain, she brought up out of her system, this happens sometimes depending on a person's condition being healed, Sylvia is al right and once Russell verifies how he is will let you know.
Camera 2 Images
Spirit healer/Doctor Face seen here just to one side of Russel


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