13th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting with ET and the Vortex


It is the 13th November 2011 and mysterious circle sit for the evening sitting, 2 camera's are filming and recording the sitting, during the sitting the mediums awareness goes in to a very deep state of trance meditation, much is taken from her at this time, yet the sitting becomes intensely strong, when Sylvia checked the camera's after the sitting she discovered on the Video camera different ET life forms left there transmission for her to see, the speed there world moves with ours are at very high frequencies, yet are in sync, there transmissions are getting stronger and clearer each time they come in, bringing there wonderful colour and things to show from there side of life.on camera 2 the vortex can be seen working hard spinning and those who are of high spirit also make appearance, working on the medium, take a look below at the image still shots from the saved sitting recordings.these ET are powerful, some can appear scary looking, but they are gentle.Some appear over the mediums face.
Video camera images:  ET transmitting them self and world, bringing colour
Camera 2 Images:  
the Vortex opening and working its wonders


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