14th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Meditation Sitting with a Naked Difference


it is the 14th November 2011 and the morning, Sylvia sits for meditation yet with her awareness allowing the spirit team to work through her, firstly she sat as usual dressed, but then it changed, she was prompted to sit naked however keeping her underwear on. What a difference it made for the sitting, the Vortex could open better than ever and spread allowing more to be seen in how it works, take a look below at what happened with her completely dressed then with out clothes. what do you think? obviously she can not sit this way in public, yet it shows how much stronger things are when there is no obstructions holding the vortex back.plus this shows the medium has nothing hidden on her to cause this vortex, nor do the camera's.
Images With Clothes On:
Images with Clothes Off:


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