14th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Evening Healing Sitting 4 Camera's


The evening is here for the 14th November 2011, and what a night it has been since the meditation sitting earlier today, Sylvia sits this evening with 4 camera's filming and recording, camera 4 pictures could not be loaded on to the post however camera 2 and camera 3 plus video camera pictures are loaded up the still shots off the camera, Sylvia switched off the password this evening for live camera and sat, whether anyone who landed on this site noticed the camera on in action, she does not know, yet it was on for public to see here, it was a very long sitting, it may not of appeared that way to some yet it was a positive one, camera 3 was on the wrong setting, it was set on 3D it should of been on 2D so when you look at those pictures they will look double. they can be viewed with 3D glasses. The mysterious Circle are thinking of filming in 3D sometimes. The ET came through on the video camera sharing there world and them self. all the other camera picked up the vortex and more transfiguration of the communicators that came in and spoke, Tommy, Silas, and kutumbu, take a look below at what happened in the sitting. Healing was sent out to people all over the world, and those who are on the healing list has had healing sent to them also, It has been a powerful sitting, it takes a lot  of work for the spirit team and ET what they do, and the medium feels drained at times when it has been a very strong sitting. Maurice & tom also have had healing sent to them.

Camera 2 images:

Video Camera Images:

 3D Camera 3 images:



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