15th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Meditation Sitting


The morning of 15th November 2011 is here, and Sylvia sits for meditation via live cam, the password for the live cam was taken off and those who landed on the site would be able to see her sitting for meditation live. Sylvia was taken quiet deep in to meditation, however when she later played back the sitting she found communication was coming in, it sounds like Kutumbu voice, there has been a lot going on with the vortex, the spirit team are working towards this evenings special sitting which will be a surprise sitting, the medium has no idea what this will be until she sits, so it has been important that the meditation sitting takes place to prepare the medium for this special sitting to come this evening. 2 camera's filmed the sitting recording, the spirit team photographers worked the camera's the 3D camera which has been set on 2D and the live camera 2 broadcasting live.watch for this evenings post on the sitting, this may go live on blogtv or justin tv this evening maybe both.

Camera 2 images from Live Cam:

2D  Images from 3D Cam:



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