15th November 2011 Mysterious Circle surprise sitting spirit in TV


It is the evening of 15th November 2011 an evening of calm, Sylvia has a chance to sit anywhere, yet is prompted by her spirit team to sit in front of the Television, now believe this or not, she switched the television on, the film Mary poppins is playing, her camera films the sitting, her eyes are closed and her back is towards the television and she is sat with her legs on the table crossed over. she was not aware what the spirit team had in store for this sitting until after the sitting when she checked the recording to see what was on it. to her surprise the pictures you are to see says it all, the Mary poppins film disappears and Sylvia's lounge appears with spirit people in the TV a person has there back to Sylvia with grey white hair, some one else is looking at her picture or leaning near the picture on her wall near the lounge, some strange UFO like lights appear, but more remarkable, it is though every time the film drifts back in to the television then goes then comes back, the Mary poppins film seems to come alive with the sitting, it may sound crazy, yet things seem to be interacting at times with the medium when she goes through the TV... not all pictures are posted up, these pictures below we felt was important to share, it has been a real good positive sitting, people who know Sylvia's home will know exactly what here lounge looks like and where things are in the room, these are not reflections causing what you see below. things appearing in the room that are not owned by the medium.There will always be some one who will try to out do the spirit people and ET, they bring this not the medium, and it is a huge effort for them to get to this. This is no camera trick, no special effect, no software no illusion, this is how it came out on the saved recording on the camera.

on the wall at the back a picture can be seen, the mediums own reflection behind her
 can be seen in front of the settee is a camera on a stand filming,
to the side of the medium at the front a blue scene is visible which is not from her home.

whilst the mediums arm is fading away at this point something is appearing at the back of her
head in the television and to the side of her corner bottom of screen
that should not be there in her lounge.

behind the mediums head the form is building stronger in the television, the mediums
reflection is not there the mediums arm is fading the vortex is working hard for
 the spirit visitors

a head appears back to bact to the medium, grey hair, solid appearance as though a man
 looking at something, book or newspaper? the mediums camera's, settee, pictures can
 be seen in the television, to one side of medium, bottom corner something is there
that should not be in the lounge

at this stage the head of another is still in the television screen, the mediums lounge
 can still be seen, the vortex is still working with the spirit people, appearing up
 above the mediums shoulder opposite side is another scene appearing in her lounge

at this stage 2 worlds are joining together the mediums lounge and spirit are
appearing, a face is clearly seen at the back in the television, the mediums picture still visible
 on wall some items are fading, the vortex works hard.

whilst the medium still sat , you can see the mediums own reflection at the back of her now yet
walking past her towards the side in the television a person looking solid reaching out,
 possibly a female? the pictures and full lounge can be seen of the mediums room through the television.

even though this boy is from Mary poppins film, he appears in the
 mediums lounge as you see in the television screen and appearing in between the mediums
 head and reflection in television of medium a very white face appears, the full room of the mediums
 lounge can be seen here

even though this boy is from Mary poppins film, he appears in the
 mediums lounge as you see in the television screen and blue lights above him
on the other side of mediums shoulder under picture more items appear that are not hers

2 worlds combine in the television, the mediums lounge and the spirit world,
 this is the ET transmitting further what they can do, the mediums
 hand is absorbing in to the television



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