16th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting with television in seance room


It is the 16th November 2011, the mysterious circle did not sit for meditation this morning yet was busy re arranging the seance room, and in the corner of the cabinet, a small television is in view, they will need a bigger one than this at some stage, yet small can be just as good as large may be better. the Vortex spins whilst the medium sits for a special test sitting with TV, you will see below even though the television is small, what is happening within the seance cabinet and the medium, there is more power coming in, and even though the other day when the medium sat in front of the big tv in the lounge, remarkable things happened with the spirit and et apprarances with in the screen, even hands came out of the tv and then held on to the pictures on the wall, what the spirit are aiming for is to do more like this in the seance room also, appearing in the television and coming out the television, and putting the medium through the television also, and much more besides, the sitting below, is the first for the seance room, yet the medium will see how things are for the spirit team whether they are happy or not with the layout. Take a look below at some the images for tonight's sitting.



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