17th November 2011 TV Meditation Sitting with Drum


It is the morning of 17th November 2011 another test meditation sitting with Television, blank light blue screen, TV is  switched on,NO channels tuned in, NO DVD players attached. what you will see from 2 different camera's plus when medium changes in to her black gown, it makes no difference what a person wears, what's in the seance room, or the camera, the spirit team choose what they want, the video camera was also on besides 2 other camera but believe this or not the video camera shown nothing at all, why? because the spirit team did not want to use it today. what they now want to focus on is not so much the camera's as before, they are interested in bigger things and the ET to, and the TV sittings is what they want to work on, bringing through loved ones from the spirit world, other life forms of existence, ET etc., they want them to appear through the television and bring them out of the television and do things with the medium with the television, plus de materialise and apport things through the television and more. Now because this TV is small the medium may have to bring in another TV soon, the sittings as you will have seen with TV is showing very strong positive signs for the spirit work is coming loads better, so this evening, the sitting should be even better than this morning, fingers crossed. Below you will see things happening to the drum that was only for a short time put in mediums hands for spirit to mess around with, that was a very interesting phenomena what you see happening to it. enjoy.



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