18th November 2011 mysterious circle sitting with TV


It is the 18th November 2011 an evening sitting for the mysterious circle, and before i go any further typing this post, must apologize for any delayed post, yesterday evening, the evening sitting got cancelled unexpectedly, things happen... moving on the video camera has changed, since middle of the week the ET have not appeared on it, this means they may have bigger plans, what they are, we do not know until they decide, we assume it could be because they may want to get used to working with the television and if that is the case, will have to see, we will still film with all camera including the video camera as in the past the spirit team stopped using it for a short time then went back to it, so will keep you updated. 3 camera's filmed and recorded the sitting for tonight, Sylvia went in to a deep meditation absorbing nature in her thoughts until she drifted off to the point her awareness was almost gone.Whilst she sat she was not expecting anything to happen, yet before she lost awareness whilst her eyes closed she heard the camera's making noise, and the TV unit to, and sounds in the room that things being moved, when she checked the camera's after the sitting the video camera especially was being moved whilst it was filming, the camera was cable tied to the stand tightly. The camera's picked up the vortex in action and the medium arm and vortex going through the TV, a couple images on the video camera show higher self  of medium and another person  at the back in the cabinet, take a look below at what happened, the first lot images are from the 3D camera this camera was close to the medium.

3D Camera Images:

Camera 2 Images

Video Camera Images:



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