1st November 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting With the Gaurdian Angels from God and Creators of the Universe


it is 1st November 2011 the morning, Sylvia had a very special sitting whilst alone at home, she needed to lift of anger and negativity that was surrounding her from other peoples feelings, and what a better time to open up and dance the awful energy off, during the time her body is being used, the guardians appear through her and around her, the vortex opens, and those wings unfold, when one needs to stretch wings, you need space to do it, and you will see what this is all about as you look at the pictures, the date was put wrong on the pictures, 11th November, it should be 1st November, take a look at this lovely sitting for the morning. many in the world have there views on God, whether they believe or dis believe, God is very real, and one day you will get a chance to see god in full form.


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