2 nd November 2011 Mysterious Circle sitting and they stepped out of the vortex and in to the light"


it is the 2nd November 2011 the mysterious circle sit for a special sitting for his highness from god the creator of all things, "steps out of  the vortex and in to the light", sharing his love and memory to you in the world, and they from the universe to stepped out from the vortex and in to the light" for you to see, and you will see.You may not be able to see god as a person in which you may have believed possible to see god walk as a man/woman? yet you are all within god.


  1. . Hallo Sylvia . A very New Facet . Of your mediumship. has been added .
    This ,only you will understand : Out of the ashes of dispair , A new Phoenix has Sprung up . And showed its great beauty of the Spirit world Art


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