20th November 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting with TV


it is the 20th November 2011 and the mysterious circle sit in light, it has been an evening of many surprises for the medium, it has not been a very nice atmosphere these past few weeks for her, yet today the connection became even stronger with the spirit team & ET who work the vortex from within the medium out, those who wish to appear from it can, it is getting closer to the time where many life forms will make an appearance where ever they are and will share there world and them self to many. it takes a lot of effort for them, yet when they come in it is wonderful to know they are there, this evening sitting was based on building up the vortex and spirit team working more with the TV and ET to. the medium will soon be sitting again in front of a bigger screen which will be wonderful and what appears in the screen of the spirit and ET will also become out the screen, and also the medium will be put in the TV to be transported to there world also, a combined sitting, when this sitting is in full place and the ET and spirit world are ready to go live again via live cam for the world to see this in action, this will be special time... The medium can not do any live cam at this time until they are ready to share with the world what they want you to see, take a look below at the images from tonight's sitting with camera 2.The medium is already showing signs of appearances coming through.the mediums awareness was here for a short time then she was taken out in to a deeper state of meditation.

Camera 2 Images:



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