26th November 2011 Mysterious Circle return to sit


It is the 26th November 2011 it has been about 6 days the mysterious circle sat, but now the sittings are returning, this evening sitting was special and even though Sylvia was not sure how things was going to be when she sat, it went well as she was worried over when she hurt her head would things be OK since she last sat. During the sitting Sylvia became entranced, communicators spoke however Sylvia will need to listen to the full sitting to hear what has been said, when she was checking the recorded sitting she noticed voice was coming through and it was not of language she recognises.she may need to post some of the audio up for you to hear. The spirit team brought through phenomena and at times shown there hands, the medium has noticed spirit are beginning to show signs at the back of her attempting to appear again, this is a positive result this will get stronger again for live camera especially for viewers to see again in action, where they separate themself from the medium and appear when they do not transfigure.The medium has at times felt low in herself she trusts the spirit team 100 percent, it has not been an easy path sharing with the world the sittings. The circle has also been thinking back to 6th January 2011 when they sat for the first time in a very long time not knowing how things was going to be, and soon the anniversary will be here before they know it, since from the age of 8 years old when Sylvia encountered many occurances with spirit and experiencing trance and more she could never get away from the spirit people, they always followed her where ever she went, till she give in and stuck with them most of her life. The mediums face this evening was not transfiguring much, most you will see is the vortex working to help those on the other side come through, take a look below at this evening sitting.



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