29th November 2011 Special Sitting With big TV mysterious Circle


it is the morning of 29th November 2011 and Sylvia sits for meditation through TV, yet this time was prompted to sit in the lounge in front of the large TV, it is not often she can sit there but today she had the chance to.the sitting lasted less than an hour. The spirit team worked hard through Sylvia and around her as they are aiming to achieve the impossible with this type of sitting, this sitting will be played back on line to viewers so they can see this sitting in action. to get anyone to understand is never easy, people have there own minds of opinion what they wish to see or not see or believe or disbelieve. this type of sitting takes a lot out of the medium and it is an effort for the spirit team to achieve this. Soon the medium will not just be sitting in front of TV she will be doing other kinds of sittings with the spirit team and ET, take a look below at this mornings sitting, there may not be an evening sitting tonight, will have to see how the medium is first before decision is made.



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