5th November 2011 Very short sitting Mysterious Circle Meditation


It is the 5th November 2011, a very sad day for Sylvia receiving news of a death in the family, and even though Sylvia has not been feeling to good either in her self most of the day and past few days she felt she needed private time on her own to reflect memories, it has not been easy, yet she knows those who pass to spirit, still live on as spirit, the physical body may not be working any more for that person, but she knows the connection of spirit is strong around her... Sylvia did not sit, she only meditated for a short time with music around her for a matter of minutes as her spirit team and ET have been eager to want to appear, so for a very short time of allowing them in privately alone, she filmed them appearing, take a look below of the faces and appearances of those special people on the other side below.Sometimes those you would like to appear do not always appear.


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