8th November 2011 mysterious circle meditation sitting


It is the 8th November 2011 an evening of calm, though the day earlier may have appeared bleak it did not bring the medium down and sink, people may or may not understand these sittings, and no one is being forced to, the medium has been sitting since from the age of 8 years old and has been used to sitting alone and with other sitters. this type of mediumship has been emphasized many times before, it is NOT physicalmediumship, it is NOT psychic photography, it comes under another name in which the circle will release when the spirit team say they can. Until then, those who follow physicalmediumship, should go to those mediums who sit for physical, the mysterious circle sittings are far more different, and it is important the circle can carry on sitting in peace without any further disruptions, what you do not understand you should keep away from, and go to things more suitable for you, What you see is what you get and should not be judged especially when you have never sat with the circle. Negativity helps no one, however you may see the world in  how you as a person wants to see it in your terms... the circle is moving forward, not backwards....forwards, and will keep doing and sharing to those who have supported the circle from the beginning. And those who like evil is up to them what they choose to like, the circle has it's path of love, and does understand evil that is combined on earth and through out the universe, in fact all types of spirit and other life forms of existence do have the opportunity to appear in the circle, good and bad is in everything, yet it is what you choose to be yourself. and this post is not for those who have been supporting the circle, it is for those who can not find anything better to do with there life than rant and rave on about there so called achievements they supposed to have when it comes to the word spirit. And those who do need a wake up call, are those who have no idea what they are talking about on a so called expert level, no one is an expert, no one is ranked the best in the world for any subject, people are equal and have every right to express and share there talents, get any job they wish, so those who think they are number 1 better get a reality check, those are not important, there are far greater people in this world they may not have been discovered yet, that could easily out do you. And this post may sound negative, but love is still in the circle no matter how much you want to bring the circle down to pieces, it will not happen no matter how much you try, we will win our battle to the end.
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