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Hi Regulars to the Site, it has been brought to the mysterious circle that there have been people trying to contact the circle and have not been able to reach us. I did put a post up previously about why close friends and even other people have been blocked, this was not intentionally to push any one away, it was so the circle can sit without having any disharmony accumulating as this is a very crucial time the circle is sitting to achieve positive results during each sitting. We do want to communicate with public, may I suggest those who do know Sylvia to make the attempt to email her from today, you should be able to reach her. There is a contacts page on this site that has an email link also, you can find the contact us Link on the main site on the right hand side of your screen a big Blue envelope picture with Contacts written on it, click it then scroll down the page, then click the word Email link it will open for those who want to email, the Skype is on there also and phone number. thank you for your interest in communicating with the circle. here is the email link for quickness click it to email the circle. EMAIL
For those who have a belief or non belief system, I must stress to you, "life is what you make it" and if you believe nothing is possible, you are only limiting yourself to stay at that level.
Things are never impossible, the impossible can be made possible and this is what the mysterious circle are doing, bringing the impossible and beyond to you.
Big hugs xxx
MYsterioUS Circle


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