How Do Children Cope with Loss?


Goodbye Mog A childrens Story by Judith kerr
life is full of surprises and today unexpectedly a surprise out of the blew arrived from Sylvia's son, who loves reading books, out of all books he has read, he picked a book that she never in a million years would ever think the school would have, this story is about a cat that passes away, and the cat wants the family to still notice him even though she has passed on, she doe's everything she can to get the family to see him, but no one see's him, the family get a new cat a baby kitten, and the kitten can not get used to the family at first, the cat that has passed to spirit, see's the kitten and wants to help the kitten get used to the family and do things like he did, the cat that passed away to spirit at first thinks the cat has no sense for anything until the kitten sees the spirit of the cat that has passed on, when the deceased cat realises he is being seen by the kitten he becomes happy that he is seen, so she helps the kitten learn things that he used to do, once the kitten learns and adjusts to the family, and the family accept the kitten, and the family has there memories of the deceased cat, the deceased cat becomes very happy and moves on knowing that the family are happy and the kitten, so before the deceased cat moved on, it knew it had to help the family and kitten through grief and through adjusting to change before he could fully go to spirit world/ heaven. And that was a lovely story to help a young child who loses a pet through death how to cope with loss.
"The Cat is adjusting to the spirit world, and the kitten is adjusting to life here on earth" they are both learning in two different places?
keywords in the book
The kitten:
frightened and scared,
The Cat:
mog was very tired, dead tired, she wanted to sleep forever and so she did, but a little bit of her stayed awake to see what happened next.
 wanted to be seen by the family, no one could see her
the kitten could see her
sometimes people can forget as an adult, how children can easily be affected by loss of a family member or pet, and they too need to communicate and talk about loss, shutting children out can seem ok to some one to do, but it is not always the right thing to do, they to need to understand that those they love and care about that pass away..... that they can talk to some one about it and not feel isolated and left alone to deal with the loss by them self. some times it can be a good thing for very young children to read books like this to them if they are too young to understand and talking whilst reading the book to comfort them the best way you can. older children communication is very important for them, and to listen, as not listening and not communicating can be damaging to them.
death has very recently hit Sylvia's family and this has been a help to her youngest children.
this could be helpful to some one else with young children to.
peace be with you in the world
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