Is It Right Or Wrong? Your Choice how you develop your Mediumship?

What does it take to bring through loved ones from the spirit world to communicate or even appear? is it right or wrong to believe or disbelieve that bringing in a loved one from the spirit world has to be done on the influence of substances meaning alcohol or illegal drugs or on a normal awareness level?
this debate goes on who thinks things are safe or not safe to do.

there is no need for any medium who sits as a physicalmedium or even communicates with mental mediumship, to use a substance to bring through a loved one, those who believe they need these things are not talking any sense at all. spirit walk amongst public everyday, and those who are seen by a person with there own two eyes whether it is night or day and can see with out having to be on any influence of a drug or alcohol. Why would any medium who thinks taking a drug or alcohol will bring in the spirit? Seems very suspiciously odd to me yet others will fall for any of the excuses made to accept it happening in that way.

people have free will to do what they wish on earth and so do those in the spirit world who ever they may have been in life a good or a bad person, there characteristics, personality never change unless they want to change.

taking a drug or taking alcohol whilst sitting for physicalmediumship will not make a spirit come in unless they choose to do so, the spirit makes the decision and choices, a person could sit taking drug after drug, drink alcohol, it does not mean it is bringing in the spirit... what will happen to the medium is, the medium may feel relaxed and be on cloud 9 in thoughts, but spirit can easily stand back and look on that individual as what he or she is doing is not going to bring them in any quicker or easier, there is no real truth for what a medium may say in which in relation to having a spirit come in there sitting and speak or appear in conditions which would be difficult for sitters to assess clearer on a awareness level, because if sitters are taking the drugs to, who is deluding who? It is important every ones awareness is there to know and understand what is going on or not.

my opinion is, alcohol, drugs should not be in a sitting nor development for any form of mediumship or even healing.the downside with a drug is a person can become dependant on it or even addicted to it, it can even affect a person's health over a period of time, so is it worth taking?
Native tribes may use natural drugs for different purposes, yet there is no excuse.
People who have abilities should develop the correct way and not rely on other things to get them where they think is there for them.
This is my opinion, some one else may or may not agree on what I am speaking here. But I know one thing, I sure would not be going to pay any druggie as this is how they can be looked on,who offers it around like toffee to encourage others to do the same, and convince them it will bring in a loved one that may or may not be there, I would rather find some one who has a gift who does not take any substances and  can bring loved ones through with the evidence I would want that no one else knows of, and I mean things no one knows of, not researched or over heard conversations that could influence a medium to use fraudulently. And watching a trumpet fly maybe impressive, but that is not what public want, they want to speak to there loved ones and if possible see them.

TAKING DRUGS & ALCOHOL IS NOT THE WAY TO GO WHEN SITTING FOR ANY DEVELOPMENT... Those who do it, it is there choice but it is not the answer to achieve the results you want any quicker. Drugs & alcohol mess up lives here on earth think before you take it, be sensible.


  1. Hallo Sylvia .
    I have an sdittional thing to add . And you are so right . But there is also a great danger . When sitting under influence of drugs . To become Possesed
    A spirit that Died of an overdose of drugs . Can be attracted to the sitter . By seeing the oppertunity to get more drugs . Because by dying , he did not escape the habit . He will nestle Himself In the aura . of the drug sitter . And to get more drug . he will try to get the sitter Addicted . And get more drugs this way . Throught the sitter . So this is a warning . to sit with drugs . it is very dangerous , because of becoming possesed . Art


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