3rd November 2011 Special morning sitting Spirit attempt to materialise

It is the 3rd November 2011 it is morning, and Sylvia sits for meditation on her own with the spirit team, she recorded the sitting, only one camera filmed.When Sylvia played back the sitting from the saved recording she was surprised to see  the materialisation attempts of spirit coming in and some transfiguration. This is a very important time a very sensitive time that the spirit who are appearing are looking more solid in appearance, the vortex is working hard that is built in the medium which when opens it can expand a great distance allowing all life forms of existence and spirit people to appear as well as other things. the medium is feeling very sensitive to things around her, feeling peoples emotions on earth is not good when it is like a magnet sucking all metal to it, this is how she is with the vortex. her partner did a stupid thing opening the door forcefully whilst the door was shut, lucky enough the sitting had just stopped, yet when those who walk in the room when the vortex is open, can be at threat if handled wrongly. Take a look below at the images below, there are a couple of images of the mediums higher self who brings through the spirit out the vortex, and help them be seen.

Evening sitting:

Video camera Images:

Camera 2 images:

Morning Sitting:

Sylvia's partner Chris said he thinks this is one of his relatives,
he is currently looking for a photo of the person to compare before,
announcing the person's name and giving any confirmation.


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