Negativity & Disharmony In The Spiritual Movement


21st October 2011 Spirit healing through the vortex

those who have sat face to face and witnessed this are you calling them liars and deluded and Chris is not the only sitter that experienced this?
There are billions of people who live on planet earth, and out of all people no matter what colour, race or life style a person is, they all have human emotion. People are entitled to opinions what they wish to accept or not in their life or even in there opinions. Many groups of people will all have an out look on what they agree or disagree on in the same perspective. When those who agree in one perspective and others do not, is it a right or wrong on either sides opinion?
Over the past and present years people are opening up more on communication speaking out what they feel, yet there are people who do speak over confidently and could not careless how they sound in there opinion of communication to others, whether it causes upset or not.
what are people becoming? I have heard it every day all over the internet, and even when I have gone outside, people are becoming hateful, jealous, bitter, selfish, arrogant, evil, takers, greed the list goes on.
Recently I had to block lists of people that I regularly had communication with, and I closed off my phone, I closed the site for a short time to get all the stress that was accumulating around me away.
why did I do it?
for those reading this even those whom I blocked, the message is clear, what you give out whether by voice, text or thought, you are carrying out the creative and negative manner whether you like or dislike something setting out to cause trouble in the background to any individual to get others to hate that individual is wrong, no one in the world is perfect, however if you do not like something, you do not have to be around it or look at it, you should go to something or some one that is more you.
All this Negativity and disharmony that is spreading in the world is getting out of hand it is growing rapid.
And i as much as yourself see it everyday growing on an escalation. The News is the same on television, there is rarely anything nice to hear on the news, it is all about crime, bad things never anything positive it is almost every day the same negative.
Very recent the mysterious circle received news from some one, that used the words "They" are talking about you in a very bad way.
and "They" do not believe in digital images and think your pictures are distortion.
"They" are cowards, they never come forward and speak to the circle what they think, what "They" do is gossip in the background, grouping audiences to join in with there way of thinking and to carry out more hating and bitterness to anyone "They" want to attack.
the mysterious circle are not the only ones going through negativity or disharmony remarks from people who judge who have never sat with the circle yet assume that the pictures are not spirit in there opinion.
Very recently 2 different people from different locations have sat with the circle, and witnessed face to face what you see in the pictures, it is not all about cameras with the circle, the circle sit and film what is happening which shows up on the film, those who have sat in the circle see things happening in the room whilst they are there, so before anyone else gets on there high horse and goes around bad mouthing the circle or anyone else from another circle, think before you open your mouth... Never Judge when you have never sat in a circle with those people.
You may not like pictures you may not trust pictures.... I will say something if you do not like cameras or film, do not associate with them at all, do not look at them even if it is your own photograph at home which may have your family on them, because those people in the picture are not real.....
So do you get my point now, what your giving out in terms of not real in the sittings the circle has dedicated there time to, your outlook in any picture because you think any body can do what the mysterious circle can do you can do, why don't you get off your back side and sit with your camera and see if you get anything appear, and the camera has to be on a stand, it is not as easy as you think...
What you are becoming is very critical, opinionated, attacking, judging, arrogant,hateful etc in your manner to attack the circle and other circles or anyone else in the world and you spread your verbal disease to others to follow suite, you need to look at yourself and remember what bad you wish on any one only returns itself to those who give it, we wish no harm, we may have felt in our moment of anger at giving bad out in return, yet we have pulled our brakes and closed off those who do no good on mother earth. Some close friends have been blocked whether they have said anything good or bad, we want rid of the disharmony and negativity and the hating that is going on in the world.
where is the love? where is the helping & guiding each other & support?
people need to look at themselves more before giving out any wrongful doing to anyone.
i have heard people who say they would never hurt another person, turn nasty in any heated discussions on the net and say some evil things that they would like to see happen to some one else, the world is accumulating more evilness than any good at all.
those who need help, get ignored by many people all over the world, and many people are becoming selfish, unkind, they would rather buy the latest gadgets for them self from a shop than go and help some one in a crisis.... those who show there true colours to the circle in hateful manners are not worth the effort to help if that is where there minds want to stay. so before you go out hating, causing disharmony and negativity to anyone, think about it first carefully before you say or do it because you just may end up regretting it one day... the circle is not based on HATE we are based on LOVE and what ever it takes to keep the haters away, we will not stop doing what we love and we will keep on going strong to the end, we  know who the haters are, spirit team have given names, nothing is easy to hide from them, when you put spirit work down, you are knocking there efforts.


  1. Hallo All. I have sat with Sylvia , In her house : been with her to different places For a whole week I have shook hands with her spirit guides . In her seance room Sylvia is for real . She is an exceptional medium . very capable . And honest . I do stand behind her all the way . Art .


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