11th December 2011 mysterious circle sitting for beyond physicalmediumship and Chris is present


it is the 11th December 2011 and the mysterious circle sit for beyond physicalmediumship, Chris sits with Sylvia for the first time in a long time, Tommy Sylvia's guide communicated with Chris, Communication came through in foreign Chris felt it was a combination of Japanese and German language, he did not have a clue what was being said as the language is not English,and Sylvia only knows English language also, he did say kutumbu came through in communication also in his own language which is not English,Maurice the spirit world artist did a spirit world art drawing for Chris of a sailor called Jock Dan you can see this picture at the end of this post. some of the messages given to Chris was personal and private so that part can not be posted. the sitting lasted about 2 hours, take a look below at the images from the saved recorded sitting, only one camera was in operation this evening.

Spirit World art by Maurice "Sailor Jock Dan"



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