12th December 2011 mysterious circle healing sitting


it is the 12th December 2011 the evening, Sylvia sits alone for healing sitting, though she had no healing list, the spirit healers was asked before sitting began to help those in the world who are in desperate need of help, to help those that they can where ever they may be, the sitting was filmed and recorded with 2 camera's camera 2 and the video camera, since Sylvia took the small TV out the seance room, spirit team have began working with the video camera again and have brought through grey phenomena on the camera some appearances from the spirit world appear, some images may appear dark, zoom in you will see what is in the pictures bit better, the vortex worked hard which helped in the healing and bringing through those who wanted to appear from the other side, communication did not take place it was a calm sitting, take a look below at the images for the sitting.

Camera 2 images:

Video camera Images:



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