27th December 2011 sitting mysterious circle returns today

26th October 2011 Mysterious Circle Special Healing Sitting For Fokko

Hi regulars to the site, some of you maybe aware that Sylvia has been ill, however she is now feeling much better and wants to sit tonight, so please keep check of the site as she is back and ready to do good for the world helping many who are going through all kinds of problems and ill health. she has been preparing for 2012, and there are people who feel in there hearts that 2012 is an ending of the world, tragedies do happen everyday in life, yet earth has its life spam and for as long as it can keep surviving like it has for millions of years i am sure it can keep going on longer as long as people do there part to look after the planet, those in countries with mass weapons and have tested them under ground blasting them, have not put any thought in to the consequences in what any mass weapon can cause or can create when it is triggered and what it can disturb under the surfaces and layers of the ground loosening the plates which then triggers earth quakes and volcano eruptions, much of the worlds problems are from man in creating things that are harmful and damaging to this planet and universe, it can be nice wanting to expand on creation, yet where creation is leading it does not always do anyone any good once a creation that can cause severe damage or harm can not so easily be erased once it has multiplied in a mass quantity to prevent it or stop it getting out of control like a disease.

Evolving is now in process for man to enjoy and share in if he or even she wants to, those who wish to stay at the level they are at, can, yet they must not hold those back who are ready to become on a higher level in evolving to the unseen around them and linking in with the nature that speaks. Technology, medicine etc changes and evolves every year, people need to do the same, if not, they are stuck in one dimension of time existing in what they want to see as is for there own purpose.

God, Jesus to many different religions have a faith in them or not as some faith in Satan the devil, where ever corruption can lead a person in limitation in what they should believe in or not believe in , you all have your own paths and belief in what you choose yet it does not mean everyone else has to follow suit, the days are getting shorter for 2011, be careful what you wish for for 2012 as you may just get something you may not really want.

I believe in many things and for personal experience you can, make a difference to others life by putting those without first, never allow yourself to become greedy and selfish and do not allow others to hold you back from evolving, where you need to be next in the new future coming make the changes needed with yourself, treat those around you how you would like to be treated, and those who do not want to change or can not be changed, let them go, move on, be where you are meant to be, and walk in to the good light that is coming in 2012 it will be special, there maybe more sad disasters and economy scares, do not believe the scare tactics of man's words to make you panic, keep stable and plan ahead so you know you will always be all right.

watch the site this evening for a very special sitting.

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