28th December 2011 Mysterious Circle sitting Beyond physicalmediumship


Hi regulars to the site, it is now 28 th December 2011 and what a day sylvia has had, all day from about 12:30pm this afternoon for some hours a loud high pitch sound turned up unexpected, and it seemed at first it could of been from anything in the house, everything got eliminated for an explanation until the decimals got stronger, became noisy, turned out a signal transmission was coming in, been some time ET sent anything over but today it was clear it affected the live broadcast on,line, it affected all the computers and other equipment in house nothing was working right at all things was going down. any how due to the demands from them wanting sylvia to sit, she did this evening, now the sitting was not an hour it was less than an hour, yet phenomena occured will need to listen to the audio to hear for anything else besides the visual, take a look below at the images and by the way you may see the site is looking different, the site is changing and all posts will get added video to them of the sittings so take patience with it, be worth it in the end, 2012 a new beginning you will see.

Audio Of ET Transmission:



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