2nd December 2011 Mysterious circle meditation sitting with TV in lounge


it is the 2 nd December 2011 the morning, Sylvia sits for meditation in the lounge in front of the TV, the TV is switched off, the meditation lasted a short time, however positive results given, the vortex became active during the meditation, the spirit people did not appear at this time and walk around in the visual through the  TV and seen from there world or appear in the room to be seen, however this will occur soon, the spirit team and ET are working hard to achieve more. Patients is a virtue and is worth it in the end when you know something outstanding happens.During the meditation sitting some hands appear out the vortex and the gateway lights appear to,those who wish to time travel through the vortex can come through, it is there choice to appear or step back, those who test and reach through it can some times be uncertain if it is a good idea to go through the gateway light, take a look below at this mornings meditation sitting, the post for 1st December 2011 is also posted up.



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