7th December 2011 morning sitting with TV mysterious circle


it is the 7th December 2011 and Sylvia sits in the lounge for awareness meditation linking with the spirit and ET, the unseen by the human eye is very much a subject that for those who say there is nothing else here, will realise there is, as there is so many undiscovered and unexplainable things going on in the universe, it is here,this morning Sylvia was inspired to contact someone who is a phd dr in this type of unseen worlds she hopes this will interest this person as this person has a high level of working with the unseen, this may be the key link to putting 2 forms of science and photographers and spirit worlds and ET etc. together and opening up the full scale of the unseen as to be seen by those who say they can not see, this could lead to bigger things and one day who knows maybe all the hard work that ET and spirit have given will pay off in the end where,a bigger scale of things to come will be revealed further. Any how this mornings sitting was a positive one, as you will see below the hands and arms head of medium seen in TV and faces appearing through medium, enjoy the images below of this mornings sitting.



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