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30th January 2012 Special Sitting Mysterious Circle can not resist

endofvid [starttext] It is the 30th January 2012, and already Sylvia is missing sitting, so as a one off the seance room is up and the circle sits for this special.Take a look at some images below of the progress being made where the ether self the higher self of medium brings in few ET faces and other faces most strongest connection is the arms from the ET and spirit appearing the transformation going through the medium is getting better, this has been a crucial time sitting in this lovely place Sylvia will miss, lets hope the new place is just as good to sit, this connection this evening was special, it has tired out Sylvia yet was worth the short sitting and allowing her awareness to be aware not in a trance state of consciousness, enjoy what you see below.The vortex was very strong this evening rotating fast.


29th January 2012 Mysterious Circle Update

endofvid [starttext] Hi Regulars to the site, quick update, as you are already aware the circle is moving location soon, there is a possibility of the week from 6th February 2012 we maybe able to do some special sittings that week, depending on whether the move has taken place or not, will see what we can do to start it up or do something till we get back in full swing again. Will make the odd attempt to sit somewhere before the move is in operation if we can, if not, then it mean's keep checking back to the site on updates... thank you for your patience and interest in the mysterious circle.

Mysterious Circle


28th January 2012 Mysterious Circle is Moving please read important

endofvid [starttext] Today is the 28th January 2012
hi regulars to the site, this is an important update, the circle is on hold, we got to do lots of packing from today as we are moving, not sure what day the move takes place, will update you when we can on the site when the circle will start back sitting again, unfortunately got to take the seance room down today, we are coming back in a new start, and look forward to sharing everything again with you, lets hope we can sit in the new house, fingers crossed, we may not be able to sit outside at the new place as privacy is limited, Hugs to you all


26th January 2012 Special Sitting with mirror showing spirit and transfiguration faces and vortex

Image [starttext] the morning of 26th January 2012 is here, and a demonstration sitting takes place, due to what occurred on the 25th January 2012 morning and spirit faces accidently in a long time appear in the mirrored cabinet in the lounge, the medium decided to sit in the seance room and place a normal mirror in the chair where she sits, and stood up with her awareness here, she also allowed her spirit team and ET to work the vortex to experiment in seeing if anything should appear in the mirror and on or next to the medium can be seen and recorded. After the morning sitting when the medium checked back to the saved recording of the sitting, she was surprised to see that a man wearing a hat appears in in the mirror, the more she checked through the film other faces that she could not recognize appeared in the mirror, at times the mediums own face is also seen, the higher self the ether self of medium appears at times yet those on highe…