11th january 2012 mysterious circle sitting beyond physicalmediumship, picture comes to life

it is the 11th january 2012 mysterious circle sitting beyond physicalmediumship, picture comes to life, how did it happen? during the beginning of the sitting Sylvia brought in the seance room, a picture of Chris parents and placed it in the seance cabinet in the corner, the picture is quiet big so you can see clearly what happens to it, during the time before sitting takes place Sylvia asks if there is any way that Chris parents could come through the sitting in whatever way they can, that it would be lovely, if not then we can try sit another time try again. now Sylvia was not expecting anything to happen, she sat as she always sits, the vortex at times becomes active then it seems just quiet during the sitting yet what is happening in the picture was not expected in just how the picture comes to life, the mother's face her eyes close and open looking in different directions, her mouth opens and closes, her facial features keep changing and so does Chris fathers face at times he looks very serious and not smiling his nose and eyes hair alter and all this is happening while the sitting is going on, now just before the sitting ends something happens in the picture, when the medium is leaning right back in the chair her head back, on the bottom part of the picture on Chris father jacket something of a head appears then comes out the picture and out the cabinet quiet fast, at first the medium when she played this back thought it might of been her shadow as she was leaning back, but it was not her this head had a different head shape and colour and it took off fast out of the picture. it is advised as you watch the sitting above you pause at times so you can see what is happening with the faces in the picture and the spirit that comes out of it. I will add the picture of Chris parents so you can compare what is changing in the picture on the saved sitting and how the picture normally looks. enjoy. Chris seen this and he knows his own parents and was amazed in how the picture shown many expressions. pictures below show the vortex in action.



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