11th May 2011 Mysterious Circle Sitting Big Spirit Experiment

it is the 11th May 2011 and it has been an unexpected day of news, not good, but things happen in life we all have to face. Sylvia sat this morning for meditation in the seance room, she did not get chance earlier today to update the new post, it is now getting done. The physicalmediumship will take place as planned at 6:30 pm today. The meditation sitting this morning involved communication with spirit people, encouraging them to appear as well as communicate. responses from the spirit are becoming more positive each time a sitting takes place, take a look below at some the spirit people that have come through.

Physicalmediumship sitting evening: 

Could not film the evening sitting the camera went down, even though battery should be full and still plugged in the mains adapter the camera kept booting off.

Meditation Sitting Morning:

spirit face holding head transparent guided in by  mediums higher self

spirit person face appears over meadiums

spirit persons face appearing to side of mediums face

spirit person face appears over mediums face

mediums face transfiguring

mediums face transfigured

female spirit person with her own hair, blonder at front, longer in length at back, her spirit arm touching face

spirit hand on face, 2 faces here , the neck area and above

transparent head in front of mediums looking upwards



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